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04.15.2012Flashes of Insight from the 2012 E.G ConferenceInnovation Excellence
04.03.2012The Jolt to Best BuyInnovation Excellence
03.15.2012Top 25 Women In Business (pdf)Pittsburgh Business Times
03.05.2012Something in the AIrAdweek
02.17.20122012 Most Desired Brands By Industry (pdf)Buyology
02.17.2012The Brands American Men and Women Desire Most (pdf)Forbes
02.17.2012The Most Desired Brands of 2012Main Street
02.17.2012Forbes Announces Buyology & uSamp Second Annual Most Desired Brands in the US ReportForbes
02.16.2012Our Brains Like Southwest Airlines, Google, & Dove Neuroscience Marketing
02.14.2012Buyology Triples Sales ForceReuters
01.23.2012Live Innovation From The White HouseInnovation Excellence
01.18.2012Lying In WeightThe Daily


12.29.2011How Humphries Became ChumphriesMSN Fox Sports
12.15.2011Retail TherapyThe Economist
12.14.2011Holiday Shopping 2011: How Stores Are Dazzling Shoppers Into Spending More Huffington Post
11.30.2011Forbes' America's Most Promising CompaniesForbes
11.23.20117 Sponsors Behind Macy's Thanksgiving Day ParadeThe Street
11.22.2011Does Shopping Stress You Out Too Much? Wall Street Journal
11.18.2011LuLulemon's Ayn Nand Tote Bags Promote Tea Party-Esque Message, Upset From Yoga FansHuffington Post
11.15.2011Where are they now: Former GlaxoSmithKline VP Donna SturgessBrand Packaging
11.14.2011Consumer Behavior: The Psychology of NowWomen's Wear Daily
10.27.2011Innovation Fast ForwardInnovation Excellence
10.24.2011Why Consumers Crave CoolBW Confidential
10.09.2011Do It Yourself HealthcareInnovation Excellence
10.05.2011Wall Street Journal Radio (mp3)Wall Street Journal Radio
10.04.2011Buyology, Inc. Conducts Innovative Research Into Voter's Deeper Non-Conscious FeelingsMarket Watch
10.04.2011Women: Is Your Brand Emotionally Available?Inside Cosmeceuticals
10.03.20117 Things That Stop You From SpendingMainStreet.com
10.01.20115 Ways Supermarkers Trick ShoppersKiplingers
08.17.2011Jersey Shore's Mike 'The Situation' Sorrentino to be paid by Abercrombie & Fitch to not wear their clothesThe Telegraph
08.01.2011China Buys Into Times Square (video)Associated Press
08.01.2011Chinas Machtdemonstration am Times Square (video)Associated Press
02.03.2011J&J, Crest Top 'Most Desired Brands'MainStreet.com
02.02.2011Most Desired Brands by Gender: Women Are From Amazon, Men Are From GeicoWalletpop
02.02.2011The Most Desired Brands in AmericaForbes


10.11.2010Mind Games: The TV Ratings Rat RaceHuffington Post
09.30.2010Game over, Carol BartzFortune
09.27.2010Time Life: The last digital holdoutFortune
09.03.2010Get Out Of The OfficeForbes
08.30.2010The State of Globalization and LocalizatoinMarketing Power
08.16.2010Among the must-see spots in the nation's capital: the cupcake queueThe Washington Post
08.06.2010Why the UAE ban is a golden opportunity for BlackBerryFortune
06.23.2010NBA's Sudden Glut of Retro Logos ExplainedFast Company
03.01.2010Neural Advertising: The Sounds We Can't ResistTime Magazine


04.30.2009100 Most Influential People in the WorldTime Magazine
Jumpstart Performance and GrowthFlash Lightbox Gallery by VideoLightBox.com v1.10 Why New Products FailFlash Lightbox Gallery by VideoLightBox.com v1.10 Filling the Innovation PipelineFlash Lightbox Gallery by VideoLightBox.com v1.10
Jumpstart Performance and Growth Why New Products Fail Filling the Innovation Pipeline
Why Consumers Crave CoolFlash Lightbox Gallery by VideoLightBox.com v1.10 Building Consumer DesireFlash Lightbox Gallery by VideoLightBox.com v1.10  
Why Consumers Crave Cool Building Consumer Desire  
China Buys Into Times SquareFlash Lightbox Gallery by VideoLightBox.com v1.10 China Buys Into Times Square (in German)Flash Lightbox Gallery by VideoLightBox.com v1.10  
Associated Press - China Buys Into Times Square Associated Press - China Buys Into Times Square (in German)  

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