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Our Company

Clients are challenged with achieving extraordinary growth and insulating their growth from unanticipated externalities (e.g., competitive threats, economic conditions). Buyology helps clients get a deeper understanding of the drivers of growth by providing them with a rigorous, quantitative and statistically validated view into the 85% of human decision-making that emanates from the non-conscious. We have developed proprietary globally scalable technology that reliably measures the instincts, emotions, personal histories and learned reflexes that comprise the non-conscious. These deeper insights provide our clients with a competitive advantage that translates directly to improved in-market performance.

Our Work

Buyology Inc. helps leading companies enhance the productivity of their innovation to drive transformational growth. MindLink™ measures a brand's relative performance across a set of proprietary brand relationship drivers™ versus a competitive set in order to identify breakthrough business building ideas that will both drive immediate sales and enhance long-term customer relationships. We work closely with clients to use these quantitatively derived high opportunity drivers to identify specific actions that can drive profitable sales. MindMeasure™ addresses the underlying factors that currently result in 9 out of 10 new products failing in the marketing place to identify and optimize the innovative ideas with the most potential to captivate customers and positively transform sales.

Our Reputation

Composed of world class marketers from McKinsey, Interbrand, GlaxoSmithKline, and Yahoo!, Buyology launched in 2009 following the release of Martin Lindstrom's New York Times bestseller, "Buyology: The Truth and Lies About Why We Buy" (Crown Business)

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